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The Crossway Group

Twileen Lee


A Woman on a Mission to Change Lives    

Twileen Lee is a seasoned speaker, who has a heart for helping women and helps them create results. She has been speaking at conferences, retreats, churches, private schools, youth events, pregnancy centers, and pro-life events for over 15 years. 


She is the CEO and Founder of the program Forever HIS Girl, where she focuses on issues related to areas where women struggle such as trauma; in addition to, marriage & family, raising children in a single parent home, and elder care-end-of-life decisions.  


Twileen has served in the church in a variety of positions involving the youth ministry, minister of music, Sunday school teacher, and vacation bible school coordinator. In her leisure time, she teaches prenatal and parenting classes at a crisis pregnancy center in her hometown.

She is very active in the community as she volunteers for various nonprofit agencies in her hometown, and is a national member of the Black Wall Street USA (BWSUSA) reentry program; Counsel of Negro Women, and serves on committees such as Sisters in Fellowship, and Kerygma.

Educated in the Akron Public School system, and later attended the University of Akron, Liberty University, and Ashford University, she holds a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development, Psychology and a master's degree in Psychology and Education. She currently is a student at Berean Bible Institute, furthering her studies in Theology. Her illustrated teachings and voice allow her to connect life events and biblical instruction.  ​




About Her    

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From Weeper to Witness 

Forgiveness (The Power of Preparation)

The Healing Process

From the Problem to the Promise

Twileen shares insight on understanding how pain is the pathway to your destiny. Stop looking at pain as the enemy, consider it a friend, and learn how to invite God into your pain. Allow pain to push you towards the front line of your ministry.

We usher in suffering by harboring resentment in our hearts, or unresolved anger towards those who made the choice to cause us to suffer in pain.   Learn four simple steps that can help you understand the true heart of forgiveness and apply it to your life.

No matter what has happened to you in your past, it's time to stop weeping over it answer the call to witness about it. Someone is waiting patiently for you to share your story of courage. 

An abortion does not fix a problem, but only creates bigger problems, especially in the area of the mothers mental health. Post abortive women are much more likely to attempt suicide than women who suffer from Post-Partum depression. One of the best ways to cope with Post Abortive Stress Syndrome (PASS) is to take care of your mind, emotion and spirit. 

Signature Talks


Jeny is our fashion expert at Forever HIS Girl. She helps our clients with make-up and beauty tips, as well as fashion, and she has her own boutique called Favor The Queen


Colleen is our president of Forever HIS Girl. She makes sure that meetings are in order, she designs programs and sets up appointments for Twileen. 

Cory Solomon

Cory works in transportation and merchandise department. He transports our clients to meetings, events, and deliver items to families in need. He enjoys setting up audio equipment and our sound system. 


Meet Our Team

Jeny Lee

Colleen Lee

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