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God's Deliverance Requires Man's Efforts

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

God uses human instrumentality to help us overcome challenges, struggles, win victories for deliverance, and show us direction. He also uses both good and bad events, like natural disasters, death, and circumstances to accomplish His purposes. God can use anyone, including good and bad people.

  • He uses ministry to bring peace and understanding to a nation that is misled, broken so that they are healed, delivered and set free.

  • He used Moses to bring the children of Israel out of bondage

  • He Used David to slay a giant to set Israels army free.

  • He used Esther to bring deliverance to her own people.

  • He used Judas to betray Jesus in order that mans life could be saved.

When we look at our country's commander and chief, we may not like all of his policies, or like actions, including his friendships with certain people who have a questionable character, nor agree with his behaviors towards women, but it's safe to say, the entire time he served in the oval office, he helped save the lives of pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, but defunding one of the nations most notorious baby killing organizations (Planned Parenthood). The enemy doesn't want someone to come through for a reason, this is why more women are being tricked into falling for the bait of the abortion hook, line and sinker. They fall for the false advertisements and believe the lies that are being put out instead of trusting the word of God.

If God can use this nations POTUS to save a life, in order to fulfill His purpose in life, what is stopping believers from using the word of God, which in itself is a powerful instrument, to help abortion minded moms change their mind, in the front of abortion clinics?


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