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What Does God Say? (About Abortion)

God created our bodies and He grants conception through our bodies, that means we have no right to kill what God has created, meaning, other human beings, ourselves, or an unborn child who is a human being. Exodus 20:13 clearly says "Thou Shall Not Kill," right? Then if pro choice and pro abortionist say the unborn child is not a human being, then why do abortionists have to insert a tool inside the womb to kill it? If the bible commands us to not kill, do not kill, choose life.

Why? Simply because:

  • God is the number one Pro Life advocate in the entire universe, and if you follow Him, you will do as He instructs through His word.

  • He created the Heavens and Earth, and then He spoke the world and its contents into being (Gen. 1:1)

  • When He spoke, all things became, and he called His creation Good (Gen. 1:31)

  • God created man in His image (Gen. 1:26-28)

  • God gave man the breath of life (Gen. 2:7)

  • God created woman (Gen. 2:21-22)

  • He blessed man, told him to rule over the earth and fill it with children (Gen. 1:28)

  • He sent His only Son Christ Jesus to save our lives.

Although there is not a bible scripture that says "Do not have an abortion, "there are a numerous scriptures that defend the value of life."

  • The word of God clearly says "God hates the hands that shed innocent blood" (Proverbs 6:17)

If you kill for no reason of self defense of without the order of a judge, it is wrong!

  • "Killing the innocent is forbidden" (Deuteronomy 27:25).

An unborn baby's blood has not even touched the sins of this earth, yet, this is what makes t

them innocent.

  • We are called to "be a voice for the voiceless" (Proverbs 31:8-9)

We must speak up for the unborn and declare that abortions are wrong!

  • "Now choose life so that your children may life" (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Abortion wipes out generations

  • "God is dismayed by child sacrifice" (Leviticus 18:21)

Abortion is no different than child sacrifices; the only difference is the time in which we life in,

it's the same thing, different face.

God created life and Life is so valuable, and worthy of protection. The enemy is mad because he could not create life and will do anything in his power to destroy a life and kill it. The scripture tell us that the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy. He comes to as a beacon of light to use us, to destroy us, through us. Over millions of women have chosen the altar of Moloch instead of going to the church altar to confess her sin, repent, ask for forgiveness and help. The enemy kills by the hands of abortion doctors, whom God has called to medicine, to heal through their hands. It is the abortion that destroys the mind, body and soul.

The bible is the truth and living word. It is the only book that is alive and are the exact words from a higher power. If the bible says killing the innocent is wrong. That's what God says about abortion.


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